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ICDL Web Editing

In the last few years, setting up your own website or blog has become as easy as a left click. Thanks to WordPress and Blogger, millions of creators are getting their content online blithely unaware of the engines of HTML and CSS churning behind the scenes.

Content Development Manager at ECDL Hellas Anastasia Gavana warns that this lack of knowledge has consequences. Bloggers don’t know how vulnerable their site is to hackers, for example.

Anastasia was involved in the development of the ECDL Foundation’s Web Editing module, and confirms this knowledge gap was “pretty much an outcome of today’s ease of using the Internet”:

“The ease of some applications for creating your own website online, combined with a lack of knowledge, makes it quite hard to grasp the dangers and security risks that may be lurking in the Internet.”

The web editing module aims to address this problem.

The web is also becoming a more accessible place for setting up and maintaining a website for those without programming knowledge. This was down to new tools popping up, Anastasia says:

“Given the amount of online and desktop tools available, with user friendly and word-processing like tools, a common computer user could create a web site for recreational purposes. Users around the world started to want to be able to design their own personal and/or recreational web page.”

The demand has been influenced by trends in the job market too, because even if you’re not setting up and running your own website, web editing skills are increasingly important for jobs. This is proving especially true for entry-level positions.

The module itself teaches key web concepts, the basic principles of HTML, the use of the/a web authoring application and how to create forms in a web page.

For bloggers, graduates, or anyone who wants to know more about the HTML and CSS churning beneath their online experience, clicking into the Web Editing module, could be just the ticket!

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