Become an ICDL
Accredited Test Centre

An Accredited Test Centre (ATC) is responsible for offering any interested person the opportunity to take the ICDL programme. The ATC is also responsible for delivering the ICDL Programme in accordance with the ICDL quality standards. The role of an ATC includes managing candidate registration, training, testing and ordering courseware and tests. 

ICDL Sri Lanka manages the accreditation of our growing network of ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) and supports them in many ways. We are committed to building and strengthening strategic partnerships with our ATCs. By providing continual high-quality business and technical support, ICDL Sri Lanka supports its ATC network to successfully offer the ICDL programme. The ICDL programmes are continually updated by subject matter experts. 

We also form partnerships with organizations who share our national economic development and capacity building goals. ICDL has been widely adopted by all levels and sizes of organizations - within education systems (secondary and vocational levels), Governments (Public Administrations and Ministries), and commercial organizations (Small and Medium Enterprises - SMEs) to large multinationals.

We know from experience that the most successful test centres are those that work with each other and with ICDL Sri Lanka towards the common goal of empowering people through the use of ICT. 

Application Process

Application Stage

ICDL Test Centre application forms must be completed and returned to ICDL Sri Lanka. At this stage, an applicant centre must submit these forms:

  • ATC application form
  • Organization profile, detailing information on organization
  • An accredited tester application form for each staff member who will be running ICDL examinations
  • Copy of organization registration document
Review Stage

Applications and supporting documents are reviewed by ICDL Sri Lanka, on receipt of the completed documents.

Accreditation Stage

A site visit and inspection will be carried out at the ATC location. On approval, the ATC shall pay an accreditation fee and a contract will be signed with ICDL Sri Lanka. Thereafter, the new ATC will receive an ATC operations manual and login details to automated testing system (ATS).

ICDL Sri Lanka will then arrange a training session with the new ATC. Training will include:

  • Ordering and payment process
  • Using the online testing system
  • Certification process
  • Any other clarifications on delivering ICDL programme

Complete your first order and forward relevant fees

Interested in becoming an ICDL Accredited Test Centre?
For more information or to receive a copy of our application form please contact [email protected]