Cyber Security

The Cyber Security module covers the main skills and knowledge needed for the secure use of ICT in everyday settings, at home and at work.

For individuals and organisations, it is important to understand good practice in maintaining a secure network connection, using the internet safely and securely, and managing data and information. This module covers concepts around secure information and data, physical security, privacy, and identity theft.

As data and information are valuable, having the appropriate knowledge, skills, and awareness to protect them is beneficial in a wide range of job roles. The Cyber Security module helps workers and employers protect these crucial resources.

Develop the skills needed to protect data and information on computers, devices, and networks.

Module overview

CategorySkill set
Security concepts
  • Data threats
  • Value of information
  • Personal security
  • File security
  • Definition and function
  • Types
  • Protection
Network security
  • Networks
  • Network connections
  • Wireless security
  • Access control
Secure web use
  • Web browsing
  • Social networking
  • E-mail
  • Instant messaging
Secure data management
  • Securing and backing-up data
  • Secure destruction

Main learning outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to apply good IT security principles to manage connections, devices, and data effectively and safely. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident keeping information and data secure. They will know how to reduce risk with good practice. They will be able to:

  • understand the key concepts of IT security
  • recognise good practice in protecting computers, devices, and networks
  • understand the types of risk that pose a threat to security
  • know how to use the internet and communication channels securely
  • recognise good practice in secure data management
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