Project Planning (with MS Project)

The Project Planning module covers the main skills needed to use project management software when managing projects. This includes preparing, monitoring, and overseeing different elements of a project such as time, costs, tasks, resources, priorities, and collaborators.

Regardless of sector, many roles have become more complex and involve greater accountability, more collaboration, and therefore closer management. Specialist software can help to support project management from conception to sign-off: giving oversight of all the inputs, outputs, and resources of a project.

Workers are increasingly expected to apply project planning skills to their daily tasks, regardless of what type of role they are in. These skills are no longer exclusive to senior managers or project managers.

Develop the skills needed to use project management software for the successful delivery of projects.

Module overview

CategorySkill set
Project management tools
  • Key concepts
Project creation
  • Working with projects
  • Starting a new project
  • Creating tasks
  • Scheduling and relationships
  • Constraints and deadlines
  • Notes, hyperlinks
Resources and costs
  • Resources
  • Costs
Project monitoring
  • Critical path
  • Monitoring progress and rescheduling
Prepare outputs
  • Setup
  • Print

Main learning outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to use software to help with project management, including monitoring constraints, resources, and time. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident launching, supervising, and closing-off projects. They will be able to:

  • understand the conceptual principles of project planning and how software can support them
  • recognise the constraints and deadlines of a project
  • identify project resources and costs, and understand their relationships and impacts on each other
  • know how to create, modify, maintain, and monitor all the elements of a project
  • understand how to output from project management software to effectively report on projects
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