Smart Digital

Smart Digital covers the main concepts and skills needed to use devices and applications securely, safely, and effectively.

It is increasingly important that young people are equipped with the capability to navigate today’s technological landscape. Computers and devices are used in many aspects of their lives, both at school and outside of school.

Smart Digital gives young people the skills they need to use devices correctly, understand how to find and analyse information critically, communicate safely and appropriately with others, and explore their potential through creation and collaboration.

Develop the skills needed to use computers and other devices securely and effectively.

Module overview

CategorySkill set
  • Introduction to devices
  • Use my device responsibly
  • Access my device securely
  • Home screen basics
  • Getting online
  • Online search basics
  • Find useful information
  • Create my research document
  • Develop my research document
  • Present my research document
  • Online accounts
  • Applications for creating
  • Applications for sharing
  • Search efficiently online
  • Organise online content
  • Organise files
  • Create my report
  • Develop my report
  • Connect and print
  • Present my report
  • Advanced research skills
  • Explore online applications 1
  • Explore online applications 2
  • Protect devices and personal data
  • Install and update applications
  • Create my project
  • Develop my project
  • Interact safely and responsibly online
  • My digital footprint
  • Present my project

Main learning outcomes

Successful students will be able to use devices and applications responsibly and securely. After passing Smart Digital, students will feel confident using common applications, finding and organising information, and creating and printing a well-structured document. They will be able to:

  • understand and manage their digital identity, protecting data and devices
  • know how to use devices and applications responsibly and securely
  • create online accounts and use or manage common applications
  • find and organise information online and create research outputs such as reports
  • apply more advanced research skills to create a variety of content as part of a broader project
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